Financial Transformation Platform Based on Fintech and Non-Fungible Token

The main focus of Sagidis is hedging based on Non-Fungible Token and Fintech in order to create a simplified system in the B2C financial market. Sagidis company is characterized by a high level of specialization, a narrow and unique business product that divides standard financial services into more promising and valuable digital technologies.

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Digital Platform

An optimized platform for financial directions with automated investment solutions.


Open Financial Model

The open structuring of the company's financial model allows the user the right to choose the most balanced investment conditions.


Active Program

Large-format development of financial activities with the help of an active program and the provision of a full cycle of services as a private investment fund.

Unique Product

The introduction of digitalization and modernization processes through investment processes allowed the company to take a leading position in the Non-Fungible token markets and provide a unique product.

The Uniqueness of the Product from Sagidis

Sagidis are automated investment solutions that demonstrate ways to combine digital technologies, automated investment algorithms, and passive or active investment management based on a private investment fund.

Sagidis Business Model

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence algorithms allow the company to instantly respond to any fluctuations in the Non-Fungible Token markets, thus closing the transaction at the maximum level of profit.


Hedging allows the company to minimize fluctuations in the market from the declared value, thereby leaving the process in the financial markets as volatile as possible.


Continuous development of digital technologies, IT departments of the company, allow accelerating the processes of financing, development, and analysis with greater accuracy using technological innovations of Fintech.

Non-Fungible Token

The main market of the company's activity allows, in the process of rapid and long-term growth of this industry, to perform liquid processes for the implementation of activities.

How Sagidis Works

The basis
Business model
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